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Daily Habits of Top Producing Real Estate Agents

Jun 21, 2023

In today's world, it is easy to get caught up in to-do lists, the sales grind, and the ever-ringing phone, throwing us off of our efforts to build new habits and reach new goals. This is why building or breaking habits is a daily effort. Whether or not you have a busy day, whether or not you're in the mood to keep at it, you must commit to building good habits, every single day. And the key to keeping at something that is difficult is discipline.



Daily Habits of Successful Real Estate Professionals

Let’s talk about daily habits.

 The definition of a Habit is "a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up."

So what does that mean?

Successful Agents Know...

It means to do something without thinking about it.

Some say it takes 21 days to form or break a habit. However, some studies show it can take up to 66 days. You need to build a new daily routine, and stick to it, no matter what. This is how we create small wins that help us build and maintain the momentum we need to sustain change.


Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents 

Discipline is key to success, when it comes to building and maintaining new habits. Awareness is also a key that is rarely talked about.

 Many of us are quick to point out our flaws, and what we need to change. We will say, “I want to lose weight, go to the gym, eat better.” Yet we don’t. Or we start to, but then the first opportunity we have to sabotage ourselves, we usually take it, eagerly, and we abandon the healthy habit.

This is where awareness and discipline must work together. When you are aware you need to lose some weight, quit smoking, go walking or whatever, you must have the discipline to do it, stick to it, and overcome temptation, no matter what it is. If you fall off you need to get back on track ASAP and not stay off track.

Most successful agents know that with consistency and patience, you will see the results.

One does not just will themselves to the goal. There needs to be an understanding, planning, action and discipline, which creates accountability. This is the very foundation of my

UPAD Principles for Success.

U - Understand what you want to accomplish.

P - Make a plan how to achieve it.

A - Put the plan into action.

D - Have the discipline to do the behaviors and activities required.

When you operate like you operate your own business, you will have real estate success.



Building a Successful Real Estate Business

The successful real estate agent is mindful of more than just selling real estate. They know that a solid real estate career must be built on a foundation of attention to several different aspects of life, not just on business. The areas every person should decide to focus on are self, family, business, finances, and spirituality.

You need to focus on mental and physical health, self-accomplishment and actualization. Focus on your business by building good habits around your business goals. Lead generate every day.


Analyze Your Daily Routine

This is not talked about enough in the real estate industry, they want you to be in production selling real estate as fast as possible. But your daily routines are everything. I was taught and call them rhythms.

Write down the following:

What time do you wake up?

What is your morning ritual? 

What time do you get ready to work?

What hours do you lead generate?

What do you for for lead generation?

What are the first things you do for lead generating?


Lead generation needs to be time blocked in your schedule and NOTHING is allowed to disrupt it. The only exception is when income-producing activities pop up, such as appointments with potential buyers or sellers. Those take top priority.  

Top producers know that they must build in a productive daily routine, and stick to it. Where other agents let the day get away from them by not following a consistent plan, top agents make a plan and do not deviate from it, when possible. They stay focused on their goals. The issue most agents have is they have a 9-5 mentality. This mentality makes you accustomed to coming in to work, doing a set of predetermined tasks and getting paid for it. We as agents and brokers do not have that luxury. We often must create our own tasks to accomplish a goal, and hold ourselves accountable to that goal.


Break Your Goal Down

We all have a goal. I know you do. That goal is broken town to daily tasks.

It is up to you to do those tasks to reach the goal. However, oftentimes those tasks are just not done with discipline or consistency. They are done at a leisurely pace, or you act like a firefighter and only respond when called into action.

Whatever your goal is, break it down into digestible parts. Then, create a daily routine and build that routine into your daily schedule. When it comes to lead generation, the 5, 5, 5, 10 Rule is a simple way I've found useful to help with my daily prospecting habits.

 The 5, 5, 5, 10 Rule breaks down like this:

5 calls to past clients or SOI per day.

5 new introductions to people per week (1 per day).

5 handwritten note cards per day.

10 2-way conversations per day about real estate.

Your daily habits MUST be consistent or they will never become a habit. Lead generation is to your business as water is to your body. Without it, you will die. Plain and simple.

How are you finding your next potential client?


Note: There is a really good blog we published called

7 Steps to Increase Productivity For Real Estate Agents, if you need a jump start this might be a good option to read after this one.



Daily Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Lead generation should be a time blocked daily activity. Period. As your progress through your career from new agent to top producer you will evolve, but the basics never really change. Following are some things you can do daily that will help your business generate business and hopefully a few new listings.

First, make a To-Do List. This is critical because some things we need to do NOW and other things we can do LATER. For instance, when you are making your list it may be late in the evening or early in the morning, but you need to communicate with a seller or to send a few text messages or make a few phone calls, put that on your list and do it when the time is appropriate.

Make outbound calls. Circle Dialing every day will make you wealthy. Find new listings or new closed properties in areas you want to sell from your daily hot sheet and call following the 10-10-20 rule. 10 people in either direction on the same side or 20 on the opposite side of the road are thinking about selling too. Look at the market, it leaves clues.

Do you have a marketing calendar that you follow in Trello? What are you working on for marketing right now? We are big believers in using Trello to keep our focus, work with clients and what social media posts are needed.

Post and engage with your Facebook business page. Don't just post about the current market, post videos and blogs about what life is like in your area. You can use video and social media to show your knowledge of an area. We follow Gary V's Jab, Jab, Jab, and Right Hook. The thing here is... Don't just talk about houses, talk about life and interesting people or things in the community.


Morning Routines for the Successful Real Estate Agent

The perfect morning routine begins by planning things out the night before. Your morning will be far more productive if you think about all that needs to be done and how to accomplish it the night before. Consider having an accountability partner to help you stay on track with this.

 Here's a sample of a great daily routine:

Wake 5:00 am

30 minutes: Coffee/ Juice and Clear out Social Media and Emails. Post something motivational and inspiring all while listening to something either classical, motivational, or mind-expanding.

15 minutes: Visualization of living your perfect life. Meditation.

1 hour: Exercise with headphones on, continuing to listen to something positive that expands your mind.       

45 minutes: Get ready for the day

30 minutes: Practice your scripts. YOUR Scripts. Not someone else's, but yours. It is ok to use others' scripts, but you must mold them to your own vernacular. I will often record myself while walking or driving and listen at this time. Do this over and over then when the objection or question comes up I am prepared to handle it exactly as I rehearsed.

 All of these activities can be done before 8:00 am! Then, the rest of your day can look something like this:

8:00-12:00 Lead generation. The following activities can fill your lead generation time block:

  1. New Expired and FSBO if chasing listings.

  2. Follow up on New Leads that came in, and make sure they are properly entered in CRM and other locations as needed.

  3. Follow up with nurtures.

  4. Past client/sphere calls.

  5. Networking partner calls.

  6. Call around any just listed/sold - Circle Dial. 10-10-20 (if chasing listings).

12:00 - 1:00 Lunch with someone who can increase your business, someone from your Power Circle, a client, or a referral partner.

The rest of the day you have appointments, social media platforms and ads, community pages, video creation, interviews, networking events, and so on.

When was the last time you're worked on perfecting your listing presentation?


Successful People Know This

You must understand 1 thing. 


 Just like going to the gym, success requires consistency. You do not go one time and hit your fitness goal. You go over and over. All the while, you're engaging in good habits, coupled with patience. After 30 days, you look in the mirror, and you notice your clothes fit better. You start to see the results of your habits and behaviors and it motivates you to keep going.

But stop doing them and you lose the results.

Putting your business on Overdrive is that simple. It all starts with a killer morning routine coupled with time blocking the right activities and then just simply having the discipline to execute them.

Now I know a lot of people are uncomfortable with calling past clients, SOI, cold calling, networking etc. But this is a contact sport, and if you want the results, you need to overcome that self-created story you are telling yourself and just do it.

It comes down to this… 

Do you like your current circumstance or do you desire something more?

Do you like being broke?

Do you like the inconsistency of your business?

Only you can do something about it. Start to embrace being uncomfortable. Start to embrace rejection. Start to build good morning habits and rituals.

At the end of the day you will be of service to self, family, business, finances, and spirit.

Success Depends on YOU. Stop making excuses of why you CAN’T, and start doing actions that say YOU CAN. If you would like to reach the community and be a Community Leader, join us. I know the method works because I use it and I have helped many others do the same.

Final Habit - Take one step every day towards accomplishing your vision no matter how small.



Till next time,

Johnny Mo

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