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5 Steps To Growing Your SOI


Learn vital steps top producers and teams use to grow their Sphere of Influence which fuels their business. 

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The Referral Machine


The core of all success is your network. Learn how you can build a powerful network that will generate referrals for years to come.

Don't confuse network with networking. We will focus on building a Power Circle,  Leveraging Relationships and your Sphere of Influence.


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Recession Proof Your Business


In this video presentation learn What the Mateja Group is doing to ensure their business continues to thrive in and up, or down market...

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Sphere Hacking


In Sphere Hacking you will learn the true power and secret of social media, and how we use video, digital and social to network, nurture relationships and stand out. With out the need for making non-stop content.

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UPAD Principles For Success


This training will change the way that you look at how a business operates in a few small steps. 

The biggest missing piece in failure in accountability. This training helps you to fix that!

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Network of High Value


Building off the core concepts of networking and sphere, in this presentation we go over coveted  prize of How To Build A Network of High Value

By controlling a network of high value you stand out as a leader in the community. Your sphere grows and referrals are a plenty.

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WIN in Any Market


In 2019, Susan found herself in a new state and a new market where she had no sphere of influence. She mastered the power of video, digital, and social, and grew to become one of the top brokers in her area.

Susan resisted video at first, but now she is a master video marketer in the real estate business. With over 20 years of experience as a successful broker and team leader, Susan will share with you how to build a successful business in any market

Hear her story about how she successfully started over in a new market.

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