Become The Community Leader

Build Trust and Earn More Referrals by Starring in

Videos on Digital and Social.



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Our Mission is to Empower You

To be seen as a Community Leader through Video, Digital and Social.


You Will

Reduce Stress

Our professional team will help you reduce stress by walking you through exactly what to do, how to do and collaborate with you.

Gain Confidence

When you see the finished product you will grow confidence which will be seen on video and in your daily activities.

Leverage a Team

Master leverage you master the game. With excellent editing and scripting you will have an entire team working for you.

Stay Top Of Mind To

  • Past Clients 

  • Sphere of Influence

  • The Community  


+Plus build a Network of High Value

Win More Referrals and Listings

Gary Vaynerchuk

Notable Quotes


"Attention is your single greatest asset" 

“I find it truly baffling that the real estate industry on the individual broker level does not understand that they need to become the digital mayor of their town.”

"Reputation is the ultimate currency"

"It comes down to how much value you can bring to the audience"

"You need to think of yourself as a media company and not just a real estate company"

At Explore My Town, we follow a Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook approach. It can't always be about selling, there must be value or the consumer will tune you out.

We are your video production team.

Video might be the single most important action you can focus on for your social media and digital assets.

According to Cisco, 82% of global internet traffic is video.

Tell your story 24x7, reach more people and stand out.

Use video to network and grow your Sphere of Influence.




What We Do



  • Scripting and Editing

  • Training and Support

  • Success Blueprint and Ideas


Digital Marketing

  • Digital Strategy

  • Optimized Write Ups

  • Custom Thumbnails



  • Videos for all platforms

  • Posted to your Facebook Page

  • Posted to your Youtube Channel

Easy as 1,2,3...


Request a Script

Our team will write out a script and shot scene for you to follow along with.


Shoot the Video

Simply film the video according to the shot list and script with your mobile phone camera.


Upload the Video

Upload the scenes in the easy to follow wizard and within 2-3 business days review your first revision.


Be Seen

Together, we will create a video marketing strategy that works for you. We manage the editing process so that you are seen on social media as a community influencer which will attract business.

Be Respected

You'll be seen as a supporter of local businesses, the economy and the community. This will lead to more influential relationships, strengthen your reputation and it will create more opportunities to attract business.

Be Referred

Up to 72% of business comes from your SOI. By staying top of mind and bringing good content about the community, they will see you as a trusted local resource to refer their friends and family to.

Use Video, Social and Digital to

grow your Sphere of Influence, for B to B Networking and, to Stand Out over everyone else.

Success Plan

Your success is our priority. We provide many tools to help you be successful.

  • Live Onboarding
  • Online Training
  • Monthly Mastermind 
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Plus you receive the Partner Success Roadmap, the Referral Machine e-book and the white-paper series featuring - Sphere Hacking.

What's included in a final package?

You send us a video file and we will edit it to the standards of every platform.

You'll receive back 

A full length 16x9 for Youtube or Facebook

A 60 second 9x16 for Reels, Youtube Shorts or Tiktok

A 60 second 1x1 for IG Inline, LinkedIn or FB .


You'll receive a 16x9 thumbnail and a write up for social media and Youtube which has keywords and a researched title. Everything you need to distribute your video. 


  • Luxury Branding Video
  • Property Tour 
  • Market Update
  • Business Showcase
  • Community Showcase

Our editing team will bring your vision to life.


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