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Real training and coaching solutions taught by successful team leaders, managers and operators. 

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When it comes to being successful in real estate one thing remains at the core, your SOI.  The larger your SOI, the more you will make.

Many struggle with this for various reasons. We will show you a proven method for staying top of mind with your SOI, growing new relationships through video, digital and social and we will work on SEO and best IDX practices so you can,

Be Seen More, Convert More and Make More.

The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals is a decision.

We made this super powerful program available for an affordable price through the power of leverage. You will meet once per week as a group, ongoing collaboration and have email support as needed.


Core Competencies


Content that gets engagement

How to edit on mobile

Using Video to grow your SOI



SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Website / IDX / Blog best practices

Powerful Newsletters



How to grow a following and stand out

Becoming Omni-present

Be positioned as a Community Leader


Growth and Leadership

Learn from masters of the business on the very tools and techniques they use to grow their business, the obstacles they over came and the mindset it takes to succeed in a competitive environment.

Instructors & Contributors

Jeff Mateja

Team Leader of the Mateja Group selling 300+ homes per year, expansion teams and ancillary businesses.

Harrison Smith

Director of Growth for the Mateja group and enterprise. Director of a billion dollar business and MBA.

Susan Cook

Susan has over 20 years experience in real estate, previous team leader, coach and all around nice person.


SEO Expert. 

Johnny Mo

20 years experience in real estate, technologist, founder Explore My Town and video producer.


Entrepreneur, Licensed broker, experienced leader in business and the community.

Invest in yourself



Top features

  • 1 license
  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Online Course
  • Video, Digital and Social
  • Collaboration Group
  • Support

Team / Office


Top features

  • Multi-User license
  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Online Course
  • Video, Digital and Social
  • Collaboration Group
  • Support

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