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When it comes to being successful in real estate one thing remains at the core, your SOI.  The larger your SOI, the more you will make.

Many struggle with this for various reasons. We will show you a proven method for staying top of mind with your SOI, growing new relationships through video, digital and social and we will work on SEO and best IDX practices so you can,

Be Seen More, Convert More and Make More.

The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals is a decision.

We made this super powerful program available for an affordable price. 

This course is a prerequisite for coaching, which launches soon.

Core Competencies


Learn what videos to make, how to edit and where to use. Including webpages, blogs and for ad collateral. Turn your mobile phone into a Hollywood studio and stand out.


Turn your Google profile into a lead generation tool that works 24x7. Our master SEO practitioners will help you navigate and understand Google and Youtube optimization.


People spend 2+ hours per day connected to social media. You will learn how to grow a following and stand out, becoming omni-present and be positioned as a trusted Community Leader


Take your website and learn how to turn it into a powerful tool to be used on social media and for SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Proper blog strategy and meta information.


You will learn how to turn your CRM into a lead converting machine that works when you sleep. Create smart plans that are authentic, and that work. Convert more leads and make more money.


Learn from masters of the business on tools and techniques to grow your business and learn what it takes to succeed in a competitive environment.


Module 1

Using the System for Success. How Susan started in a new market and used the system to become top 25 in her market.

Module 2

We will help you conduct a Brand Audit. Plus we will walk through Google Set Up, LSA - Local Service Ads and Reviews.

Module 3

This module is going to be a cornerstone of your success. You will learn Youtube SEO, AI Blog Writing and how we use it on Chime.

Module 4

Take control of your digital marketing and create a lead magnet, a landing page to trigger your smart plan and be on auto pilot.

Module 5

In this module we go step by step to create the collateral needed to properly run an ad for Facebook and Google, and will edit a video.

Module 6

Watch as our digital marketer creates a Google Ad in real time using the previously built collateral. All the mystery will be removed.

Module 7

Build a Network of High Value from the previous director of growth of one of New Englands top teams and how he uses video networking.

Module 8

Using the right tools is everything in marketing and in this module you will learn about the tools we use to write, optimize and rank.

Instructors & Contributors

Susan Cook

Over 20 years experience in real estate, master sales person and all around nice person.

Susan moved to a new market causing her to start over. Learn how she grew her business through an economic shutdown.

Meet Susan

Harrison Smith

Master of Growth, Broker and former Director of a billion dollar business and top ranked real estate team. MBA.

Harrison orchestrated the growth of a top team in New England and will show you how to build a network of high value.

Meet Harrison

Marryn Brooke

Google Suite and Ads, Youtube ads, FaceBook ads and retargeting.

Marynn will walk you through Google set up. As you progress she will show you how she sets up and runs an ad in Google.

Johnny Mo

20 years experience in real estate, technologist, founder of Explore My Town.

Johnny has helped agents transform their business with proper video and digital strategies.

Meet Johnny Mo

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You will learn the systems, tools and processes for creating content using AI and SEO tools, Google ranking considerations, how to use video, turning your website into a trusted source in the community, and how stay organized with your CRM. 

Once you get the basics down you will graduate into ongoing studies.

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