Real Estate Sales Mastery

Have you ever heard the saying, Real Estate is a relationship business? 

That's true, but at its core it is a sales position. Your job is to listen to the customer, determine the best course of action for their goals and help them through the process.

This takes Sales Skills, but it is seldom taught in the industry.

In this course your will learn how to Master the art of the real estate transaction.


What You Will Learn

6 Modules, all designed to be easy to understand, organized to keep you learning and impactful so you can get the results.

Module 1: The Process

Sales is a process of continually learning the clients needs through questions and affirmations.

In this section we will learn how to uncover the true goals of the customer, overcome objections, and the difference between hearing and listening.

Module 2: Closing Types

Knowing how to close is vital for your long term success, but have you ever been taught the different type of closings?

You will discover 12 types of closing questions like the, when and how to use them to ensure you are overcoming objections and leading to the coveted Yes. 

Module 3: Presentation Types

When you are meeting with a seller you will have a different approach than when you are meeting with a buyer.

In this section you will learn three unique presentation styles to help you fact find, build rapport, stay the course and control the conversation.

Module 4: Understanding

This section is the core of anything successful business and that is Understanding.

Truly understanding why a customer is either buying or selling is critical to be able to help them reach their goals. When you utilize this module you will gain clarity.

Module 5: Self Awareness

Often overlooked by sales people, people are judging you from the moment they meet you.

From the way you smell, the words you use and the way you carry yourself. This section we will cover some very critical concepts to help you stand out and be confident.

Module 6: Reprogram for Success

Following Self Awareness it's time to reprogram ourselves for success.

We will take a look at some of the words and phrases that are typical, the positive and negative connotations of them and how subtle changes can make all the difference



You will learn the closing and communication skills that are required to be successful in any sales or leadership role.


As you start to handle the control of the presentation you will gain confidence and be able to perform effectively.


We know people want to work with people the Know Like and Trust, and that they have confidence in




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