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How To Beat Zillow with local content

consistency content lead generation Jun 13, 2023

In the fast-paced world of real estate, agents are constantly searching for effective strategies to generate more business. However, many find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed, especially when they compare their current performance to the booming market conditions of the past few years. In this blog, we explore the importance of doing the work and taking control of your real estate career, rather than relying on external factors or paying for leads. Join us as we delve into the mindset shift required to succeed in today's competitive landscape.

The Need for Adaptation

As the conversation between Johnny Mo and an industry professional begins, the urgency to adapt becomes evident. Agents are grappling with the question of how to generate more business and where to find new opportunities. The realization dawns that the landscape has changed, and the strategies that worked before may no longer suffice. The discussion reveals the frustration of agents who have seen a significant decline in their transaction numbers and are desperate to get back on track.

Breaking Free from the "Order Taker" Mentality

The conversation takes a turn as the professionals discuss the mindset required for success in the real estate industry. They draw a distinction between "order takers" and "order makers." The former refers to those who passively wait for business to come to them, while the latter actively create opportunities and take charge of their destiny. It becomes clear that relying solely on being available and reactive is no longer enough.




The Power of Doing the Work

Amidst the frustration and complaints, the professionals emphasize the importance of doing the work. They challenge agents to step out of their comfort zones and invest time and effort in activities that have proven to generate results. While acknowledging that the work may be daunting and uncomfortable, they stress the need to push through and persevere. Building relationships, providing value through content creation, and maintaining consistent communication are highlighted as essential components of the work that drives success.

Content Creation and Building Trust

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 The conversation delves deeper into the power of content creation in attracting clients and building trust. The professionals recount their personal experiences, sharing how their own content efforts have yielded tangible results. By consistently putting out valuable content, they have been able to engage with their community, establish credibility, and attract potential clients. They emphasize the importance of persistence and the cumulative impact of repeatedly providing value over time.

The Filthy Four-Letter Word: Work

As the professionals drive home the message of the necessity of work, they emphasize that success cannot be achieved without effort. They dismantle the notion of shortcuts or relying solely on automation and artificial intelligence. While acknowledging the efficiency gains provided by AI tools like chat GPT, they stress the need for human intelligence and expertise to curate, optimize, and enhance the output of such tools. Work remains the crucial ingredient that cannot be substituted.

Optimizing AI-Generated Content

The discussion delves into the role of AI tools in content creation and optimization. While acknowledging the benefits of AI in efficiency and productivity, the professionals caution against relying solely on AI-generated content without proper optimization and editing. They stress that quality content requires the human touch and that optimization for search engines and user experience is an essential step. Additionally, they shed light on the importance of understanding SEO frameworks and leveraging backend techniques for effective online visibility.

Understanding the Intention of Your Blog

The conversation shifts to highlight the importance of understanding the purpose and intention behind each blog. Different blogs serve different purposes, and agents must align their content strategy accordingly. While some blogs may be optimized for search engine visibility, others may have a more specific purpose, such as answering niche-specific questions or catering to a particular target audience. The professionals stress that AI tools can support and enhance content creation but cannot replace then human element and knowledge of it. If you are creating a blog for a specific purpose then it does not need to be optimize, but you understand that ranking will be minimal. However, if you want to be found in search engines, then optimization is a must.


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